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Some people think that cities are made of concrete. We think they’re made of stories – brutal stories, stories of kindness, stories of the heart, stories of struggle, life-changing stories, meaningless stories, funny moments and disappointing moments. There aren’t enough stories going around here. We need more stories. The personal is political and it defines us as a part of where we live. Telling stories shows us where we come from and inspires us to create better futures.

We would like to hear your story. Please submit a true, impacting story about your community. The story should highlight your connection to your borough, or a specific place in your borough. Written submissions should be between 200 and 800 words. Stories can also be submitted electronically as text, audio or video files by following the instructions at the bottom of this page. Please include your email or other contact information. Consult our “Contact us” page for information on physical submissions by mail.

Please send a link to your file via to